Sunday 1 December 2013

Appearence: Annual London Games Writing Talk

Here's the blurb:
Interactive writing is not screenwriting. From character creation to plotting, format to structure, from root to interactive branch the process of creating a story and delivering the script has evolved from the skills needed to deliver linear on-screen experiences. 
In the annual London South Bank University, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and IGDA talk, a group of experienced games writers Ed ‘Brink’ Stern’, Tom ‘FTL’ Jubert, James ‘Deus Ex’ Swallow and Andrew ‘Fable:Legends’ Walsh will examine a variety of techniques used in videogames writing and explore how they have used them in their own projects. 
Date and Time: Wednesday, December 4 at 7 pm 
Location: Keyworth Centre, London South Bank University 
As always, we’ll head to the pub for a few Christmas drinks after the talk!
That picture up there I believe is from the very first of these talks that we did - back when all my hair was on my head rather than my face.  Rest assured I am considerably better-kempt now.

I'm not 100% on what I'm talking about yet - suggestions / requests welcomed - but it might be something about FTL and slavery, or the different requirements of different text delivery mechanics. We'll see. Oddly enough, stretch back 5 years and I was full of things I thought needed to be said, and not enough opportunities to say them. The older I get the more doubtful I am that I have much new to add to the mix, and the more people seem to expect me to say clever things to rooms full of people.

Full blurb here. Facebook sign up here. Tickets free!


  1. I assume this was meatspace only, not in London not in luck forever?

  2. Afraid so. However, I should have the video of the talk up on this site in the next few weeks!

  3. Which is to say, 'No! I've thoughtfully recorded it and plan to get it out to everyone!' That's great news, I know of you and and several of the other folks so I look forward to it. Thanks for taking the trouble.

  4. I went to that Uni for 3 years and I never, repeat never heard that this happened every year. Shame you were doing this particular talk the year after I left though... Would have needed some of this info during my time there. Thank you for filming it.