Thursday, 11 November 2010

Die2Nite: Free Keys for the New Web-Based Zombie MMO

I was contacted a little while after posting that fascinating interview with Zombie / RPG hero, Brian Mitsoda, by someone else with a Zombie RPG. Die2Nite is developed by French outfit, MotionTwin, and began life at

The French iteration has been running for a while, and had some positive write ups. I've not gone too far into it yet, but the core mechanic seems broadly familiar: spend action points in the text and image driven web interface, develop your character and equipment, and await the inevitable zombie onslaught that arrives at midnight. Each online shard only houses 40 players, which is a conceit that appeals to me - tighter games with the ending in sight, without losing the co-operative progression of an MMO.

So, I've got a bunch of beta keys to give away. For some reason, the guys at Motion Twin think I have enough readers to actually shift ten keys!) First come first serve, just drop a note into the comments telling me why you'd survive in the zombie apocalypse when everyone around you is muttering disconcerting things about brains, and either include your email address or drop me a mail to the usual place if you'd rather not publish it.

I'll be interested to delve into the game more once I'm not quite so busy - will it be a dramatic, multiplayer experience, or another shallow time sink?

Ah well, at least it's got zombies.


  1. I'll kick things off. I'd survive the zombie apocalypse because...

    ...I'm an amoral cad who's comfortable with an every man for himself society, and won't just follow the crowd to my death if I think there's a more logical path available.

  2. I'd survive the zombie apocalypse because...

    ...shhh, zombies won't come after what they can't see or hear. Keep your head down, your mouth shut and an ear firmly to the ground. When our supplies are out we get some more and then we hide again. Hopefully they'll die from starvation before we do.

  3. I won't survive the zombie apocalypse. I'll selflessly sacrifice myself so that the others amongst me will have more fun zombies to fight. Grahhh.

    Got any keys left? :D

    rcj at me dot com

  4. My circle of friends continually 'zombie rates' various buildings, objects and situations for their utility in the zombie apocalypse.

    Slip ups will turn you into zombie fodder, of course, but we've brainstormed the scenarios. We've got the hardware store we're going to barricade up in alredy chosen.

    Be prepared....