Tuesday 17 May 2011

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Check out the new Narrative Design Resource

Today means I've been operating this blog for over a year. It took me a long time to get to the point where I felt like I might have something to say worth blogging, and it's something I continue to question. To all of my regular commenters, my lurkers (do say hello), and everyone who's expressed an interest in person - thanks for reminding me that sometimes I do. Sometimes.

Right, that's enough suck-up, self-congratulatory stuff for one year. Let's look at what we need to work on.

Thanks to a friendly link from RPS a year ago things took off quickly at Plot is Gameplay's Bitch. So quickly, in fact, that it took about six months for my unique visitors to reach that peak again. We're now trolling steadily along at around 3,000 - 4,000 uniques a month, except each time RPS links over here and we shoot up to about 10,000 and crash the server. Thanks guys :-)

I really want to drive the site into being a primary resource for interactive narrative theory and discussion. With that in mind I'm out collecting interviews and guest posts to boost the content - if you're someone you think I'd like and you're keen, do get in touch - and looking into ways to make the core theory content more immediately accessible.

The interim result is the new Narrative Design Resource. It's full of script samples, development documentation, advice and useful links. Do let me know your thoughts.

To close us off, here are a few of my early favourites that you might have missed.



  1. As ever, any thoughts, feedback or insults, this is the place to put them!

  2. No good insults come to mind, so I'll just pop in and say hello, I'm one those horrible people that followed an RPS link and never looked back... (Well actually I do, but you get the idea)

    Also: Nice new resource link, cheers for that, now I can ruin my university marks! Wait...you bastard.

  3. <3 TJ! No, you/this blog are actually great though, thanks for all the engaging writing!

  4. Seeing as I'm mostly a lurker I'm popping in to say Hi!

    Great site though, I've been reading since the first post and it's been really interesting to see how the writing side of development works.

  5. Congratulations, boss! I can't believe it's been a year already. Though I do have a daughter and I should be long used to how Time likes to slap you in the face like that.

    Nice work on that cake, by the way! I don't see why you needed to call out for artists at all! :P

    Funnily enough, the clarification sign is barely visible, what with that yellow-on-cyan thing it has going on.

    OK, OK, I'm shutting up and going back to work now.

  6. Just what I wanted to see. I'm currently trying to land a mod writing position, so this should be ridiculously great reading.

    Cheers to you, Tom.