Tuesday 7 August 2012

I'm on the Unlimited Hyperbole Podcast

This week another brave soul has sat me down for an hour and grilled me - this time it was Joe Martin's turn.

The topic of this season's Unlimited Hyperbole is horror in games, and Joe's cut down about 60 minutes of me going on about just about anything, to just over ten minutes of fairly sensible chat about the development ethos on Penumbra, my favourite horror game (L4D2), and what I'd like to be doing with interactive narrative (more and less at the same time).

Do take a look.

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  1. And all the time you will hear people remark about L4D2 and say that it 'has no story.' Because we are so used to being fed a plot through cutscenes and lengthy dialogue exposition, we've become less likely to take in an environment and read it like a text in itself.