Sunday 17 July 2011

Tom in Wonderland: A Free, Crap, 1 Min Platformer

While trying to have breakfast this morning I found myself on the receiving end of my housemates' artistic 'talents' (apologies, guys, for the quotes - I know at least one of you is actually on an art degree). Toast wolfed down, what was I to do with the assorted doodles and insulting caricatures?

I made a game.

It has a wicked and entirely unlicensed soundtrack, and is a collaborative effort. These are probably the only good things about it, save for the length.

Play it at your peril. Needless to say I am the butt of many jokes.

Here's what the developers of the game are already saying about it:
"It's a massive orgy corroborating existentialist tangents delivering a cathartic experience."

"It's art."

Play 'Tom in Wonderland' and find out whether or not I'll ever be a rockstar.


  1. When can we expect the sequel? Any DLC?

    And dude, Electro Swing is the new Rock.

  2. LOL, I'm a big electro swing fan, but I'm going to go ahead and assume that Slash is not ;-)