Friday 17 February 2017

Necessary Bi-Annual Update to Prove I'm Not Dead

Recently I have been continuing to work on Subnautica, taking some time away from games to focus on some other things, and been constantly, morbidly, but productively fascinated by Trump. Once I have something more interesting to report, I'll do so. That is all for now.

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  1. As an early Subnautica backer, I was overjoyed to learn you were involved with the project. The Talos Principle was absolutely captivating. I didn't realise you worked on Penumbra! Having come to that series late, the rather simple graphics were somewhat distracting but the script was good enough to pull me through. What did you think of Amnesia TDD and SOMA? I've not finished Driver: San Francisco yet but it's a fantastic concept that you can tell Reflections would have set in the 70s given the choice - it has that feel to it, strongly redolent of movies like Vanishing Point or Two Lane Blacktop. I'd be curious to know how you find working with bigger publishers like Ubisoft. I got the feeling that Richard Morgan had to drink from the poison chalice of compromise when he took on writing duties for EA on Crysis 2&3 and Syndicate. There's flashes of his best working there but the whole 'link these set pieces together' syndrome looms large.

    Anyhow, dying for SN release day. At 47 I'm pretty jaded about much in the videogame landscape but your name on a project will sell it to me.