Monday, 24 June 2013

What Would You Ask Chris Avellone If You Had the Chance?

Because we do! I met Chris here in London the other night which - apart from being quite surreal (Planescape is like the bible around here) - gave me the opportunity to flagrantly abuse my position and tie him into an interview.

I'll be firing some questions at him tomorrow. If there's something you want to know, put it here.


  1. Ah, I came too late. :) What did you ask? I think I would like to ask hir if zie has any more Planescape Torments "inside" hir, to what degree most of the games zie makes are torments (in the sense of very, inspiring to make, felt as magnum opuses, perhaps has a feel of being something truly great and boundary breaking, or something which simply must be given birth). Also, what would that game (or whatever format the project would take) be about?

  2. I had something along the lines of your question in there. "What, if anything, makes a Torment game a Torment game?"

    Watch this space for the rest!