Tuesday 13 July 2010

Develop Conference & Twitter

Might be things are looking a little quiet around here right now - that's because I'm down in Brighton for Develop 2010. This'll be my third year, and the first year I've actually managed to hit every day. 2007 I was off to graduation on the Thur (very hungover after a night out on the Starbreeze guys, my folks were pretty shocked when they got to Southampton only for me to call and say I'd woken up in the Walkabout, Brighton, and I might be a tad late), and last year I was off to China the same day.

In related news I'm currently trialling Twitter, so if you're at the conference do give me a shout (@tomjubert, rather inventively) and if you're not, why not follow my various drunken attempts to woo Tim Schafer.

Lots of fun news to write up when I get the chance regarding various projects - watch this space.

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