Thursday 8 July 2010

GAMESbrief Guest Blog: Rumours of Keith Vaz’s Malevolence Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I'm a guest blogger at industry analyst and ex-collegue, Nicholas Lovell's, GAMESbrief. He and I are, by all accounts, at polar ends of the industry - I'm at the creative end, passionate about games as art and pretentious theory stuff, while he's a money man who works out how to keep us all in business - creative merit sometimes comes second. This said, we cross over quite often - his focus on the business side is a result of his genuine passion for good games, while I'm more than aware that maintaining creative output can only come from a good handle of the financials. My occasional posts on GAMESbrief are a product of that, and you may like to check out my latest rant in support of parliamentary scapegoat, Keith Vaz.

Read GAMESbrief here.


  1. I was going to complain about the "money man" angle until you admitted taht I actually like games too.

    And thanks for the Keith Vaz post - I totally see your point.

  2. Oops, reading that back it does sound a bit nasty, sorry! I was in a rush, I do have a novel draft to finish (by which I mean 'start')... I've reworded slightly.

  3. A novel? Interesting! Is that your first foray into the discipline?

  4. It is indeed, though I've been writing short stories for as long as I can remember. I firmly maintain that just as a novelist wouldn't require video game credits and games writer shouldn't necessarily need to write a book, but the opportunity for full creative freedom is rare in our industry so the world of prose has drawn me in.

    I'm working closely with a small but long established literary agent on my third draft at the moment, and I'd say things have half a chance of going somewhere - though I feel like I haven't yet run the gauntlet of noble failures that most novelists go through.

    As and when I know anything more solid I'll post some more :-)